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Diesel Technic Product Portrait: 3.59154 Propeller Shaft

Date: Tuesday 05 April 2022

The propeller shaft, also known as the cardan shaft, is an important component in rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. It’s job is to transfer the torque in a buckled drive train from the engine or transmission unit to the axle differential. The drive shaft has universal joints so that the motor and axle are not rigidly connected without suspension. It thus ensures mobility during normal driving and compensates for differences in height.

The DT Spare Parts range includes more than 170 different propeller shafts for truck, bus and transporter.

Hints & tips:

In order to ensure torque transfer, all flange surfaces should be cleaned of anti-rust agents, dirt and grease before installation. In addition, the marking arrows attached to the spline shaft and the spline hub must be aligned opposite each other. Furthermore, you must ensure that the propeller shafts in the spline are not separated and interchanged, as this would otherwise affect the balancing quality. Once installed, the propeller shafts should be lubricated.

Product link: 3.59154