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DENSO heavy duty brushless alternators

Date: Tuesday 26 March 2024

Among the numerous criteria required to supply these products to such demanding customers, is the ability to manufacture them to stringent standards and precise specification, and then to thoroughly test them to ensure their durability and reliability.

Nowhere is quality and performance more important than in the heavy duty sector, where vehicle breakdown and unscheduled downtime is so costly, not only financially, but in terms of missed delivery deadlines, for example. DENSO’s heavy duty alternators and starters are therefore engineered to survive and thrive in the harshest of conditions and the extreme operating environment of the engine bay.

In addition, as DENSO produces its alternators or starters on the same production lines, irrespective of whether they are destined for OE or aftermarket channels, the independent service and repair sector can have complete confidence in installing these components when carrying out product replacement.

Designed to deliver higher output at lower RPM and with a corrosion resistant rectifier and rotor, DENSO’s 24-volt heavy duty brushless alternator, which features high load rated front and rear bearings to provide greater durability, also has compact dimensions, meaning it’s easy to fit, another factor that helps to minimise unproductive downtime. Its brushless construction contributes to its heat enduring ability and this, combined with its many other qualities, ensure its reliability and earns it the industry’s lowest returns rate.

Available with either a J180 or pad mount, the DENSO 24-volt heavy duty brushless alternator comes with outputs of 95 or 150 amps, although both specifications deliver 20 amps at engine idle, making them highly efficient, as well as robust and durable.

Further details can be found in the DENSO Aftermarket E-catalogue: DENSO E-catalogue.