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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Delphi Technologies: ‘Joining OESAA is a natural fit’

Date: Thursday 27 May 2021

Delphi Technologies is the latest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to join the Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA), citing the ‘exact same philosophy’ and describing the new partnership as a ‘natural fit’.

Those are the words of Delphi Technologies Marketing Manager – Northern Europe, Julian Goulding, who spoke glowingly of OESAA’s objectives and Delphi Technologies’ commitment to providing the automotive aftermarket with the training and education required to service an “ever-growing” electric and hybrid vehicle opportunity – a key area of focus for the company:

“As a global leader of hybrid and electric propulsion technology, we know exactly how these systems function and, more importantly, how they can be diagnosed and repaired. We want to share this expertise with technicians, so that the aftermarket is positioned to prosper over the coming years. This is a goal being pursued by OESAA, and we believe that we can be stronger by working together.”

Delphi Technologies boasts a rich OE heritage, supplying diesel fuel injectors, ignition coils and fuel pumps among others, which means the company is well-placed to guide technicians in the right direction when deciding which brands to trust.

Julian added:

“As an OEM, Delphi Technologies has a deep understanding of the design, manufacturing and testing that parts must undergo to guarantee excellent performance. We want to ensure that technicians and workshops are given this same level of knowledge, so that they can make informed decisions.”

Julian also confirmed that Delphi Technologies will be exhibiting at the much-anticipated Autoinform Live 2021 event at the GTG Academy in Wolverhampton during the weekend of the 6th and 7th November.

‘Appetite to strengthen campaign in championing OE quality’

“Delphi Technologies is a well-established and respected OEM within the automotive aftermarket, so I am thrilled that it approached OESAA about joining our pool of manufacturers and suppliers,” said OESAA Chairman, Nigel Morgan.
“With a raft of new members already confirmed in 2021, with Delphi Technologies the latest, I think it’s clear there is a real appetite among brands to strengthen the campaign in championing OE quality.”