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Delphi Technologies Aftermarket ranks first choice for brake pads and brake discs in EU

Date: Friday 25 June 2021

Delphi Technologies Aftermarket, a brand of BorgWarner Inc, has extraordinary market coverage in braking solutions across multiple key markets in the EU, based on a TecAlliance report released in April 2021. As a contributor to one of the world’s most comprehensive replacement parts catalogues in the independent aftermarket, Delphi Technologies provides first-to-market braking solutions to customers across Europe and
are a braking supplier of choice as evidenced in the recent findings.

Delphi Technologies ranks first overall for EU brake pad coverage with products available for over 99.5% of vehicles on the road. The company is also first choice for brake discs in key markets such as Germany, UK, and France.

Evidence of engineering excellence in braking technology
Delphi Technologies takes pride in championing engineering quality in a braking portfolio chosen by many. The industry leading braking products are designed, engineered and manufactured to mirror OE standards. The brake pads feature OE under layer technology that reduces noise, lowers heat transfer, and increases shear strength. The brake discs offer similarly high performing innovation in a number of options including vented and cross drilled discs. The portfolio listing doesn’t is not limited to pads and discs, but also offers brake drums, shoes, ABS sensors and more, making Delphi Technologies a clear go-to solution for all aspects of braking.

“We’re delighted that the report perfectly illustrates a goal which we have worked hard towards; to provide the aftermarket with OE quality braking solutions that meet their full braking needs. By presenting market leading coverage and consistently providing first-to-market applications we are a clear first choice of workshops. Additionally, our products are now available for more cars on the road in Europe than any other competitor,” says Jean-Francois Bouveyron, Vice President Europe, Middle East & Africa Delphi Technologies Aftermarket.

Delphi Technologies believes there should be application coverage with no compromise
Safety is paramount across the far reaching braking application coverage. This year presents a pivotal moment for workshops to ensure vehicles are capable of safe braking in the increased likelihood of domestic holidays by car, compared to jumping on a flight to get away. By realizing first-to-market provisions like those in brake pads, Delphi Technologies can help workshops maximize this service opportunity with parts for the latest models.

The Delphi Technologies braking portfolio provides solutions for both preemptive checks and servicing to larger maintenance repairs. The range of braking products is partnered with advanced diagnostic support making it a truly end-to-end service solution that workshops can access with ease. The Delphi Technologies DS Diagnostic tool boasts coverage for approximately 138 vehicle brands and 1870 vehicle models.

“We are heartened to see the recovery in our industry and vehicle maintenance is an integral part of that this year. As a technology driven company, we have never slowed down our development of our braking range, knowing workshops will be choosing us for OE quality products,” comments Bouveyron.

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