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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Data shows beginning of Covid-19 MOT trend correction

Date: Friday 16 June 2023

Data from DVSA and the IAAF Garage Network suggests a levelling out of the MOT trend brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. More motorists are now resorting back to summer MOTs, having had the test extended during Covid-19.

This also backs up the overwhelming evidence and lobbying from the industry, trade associations – such as IAAF and coalition partners within UK AFCAR – and motorists to maintain an annual MOT test frequency and the current 3-1-1 test.

IAAF has identified that there is a clear need – and opportunity – to support motorists on the safety benefits of carrying out regular MOT tests. MOT testing stations and testers need to be better supported in communicating to motorists on why the MOT test is in place. Much is done on the importance of roadworthiness but more needs to be done to promote the relationship between the motorist and the workshop carrying out the test.

The number of customers having both MOT and services done together is dropping also, as people look to spread costs.