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COVID-19: Guidance and advice for First Aiders

Date: Friday 05 June 2020

A First Aider is generally called upon to treat relatively minor injuries. Sometimes they may have to treat serious injuries.

Rarely, the trained First Aider may have to address very serious and life-threatening injuries, or very severe ill health. These could include very serious head, neck and back injuries, or ill-health such as a heart attack, stroke, and shock, or unexplained collapse etc. Such events may require CPR and assistance to breath. In such incidents a First Aider is likely to be concerned about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Lawgistics' Guidance Notes for First Aiders and example First Aid Risk Assessment, produced using HR Manager, are intended to help employers and their managers to address risk assessment. If you choose to use these as a template for your business, you will need to thoroughly review the assessment and satisfy yourself that it meets your company needs. It MUST be thoroughly reviewed and, where deemed appropriate (by the employer), amended to suit their specific needs. As always it is provided as a start point and not an end point for employers and managers with responsibility for workplace health and safety. You are free to make any changes to these documents that you see as being appropriate, recognising (as you must) that it is for employers to ensure that any risk assessment they carry out be suitable and sufficient, to comply with regulation 3 to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

The included guidance and advice for First Aiders has taken into account the advice of reliable sources such as the British Red Cross and St. Johns Ambulance and the NHS.