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Coping with grief: Support available from Ben

Date: Thursday 27 August 2020

In the lead up to National Grief Awareness Day this coming Sunday, Ben is sharing advice on how people can look after themselves and others during a bereavement, which, whether expected or a complete shock, can be one of the toughest experiences anyone has to go through and cope with.

We hope you find this useful. If there is a particular topic that you think people need help with - let Ben know.

People cope with the loss of a loved one in their own way and while there are stages of bereavement there is no ‘normal’ way of grieving. The healing process takes time and can lead to a range of emotions that may change from day to day.

Ben know that coping with grief can be difficult, that’s why they’ve put together some information and advice on how they can help and how people can look after themselves and others during this time.

This #GriefAwarenessDay, Ben has shared some advice and tips on how to look after yourself and others during a bereavement.

Remember, if an employee needs some extra support with this or something else, you can refer them to Ben