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Cataclean helps reduce MOT failures

Date: Monday 21 June 2021

Cars that are over three years old could pass their MOTs with a sigh of relief if they use an emissions-reducing additive.

That’s the message from leading liquid science producer Cataclean which is helping to keep motorists on the road. In May 2018, stricter emissions tests came into force which in turn have added to a huge rise in MOT failures due to emissions. Diesel cars are particularly affected, with a surge of diesel MOT failures at a staggering rise of 240%.

Cataclean’s message is simple, explains Sales Director William Jones:

“You add Cataclean to your fuel tank and the liquid is carried, with the fuel, through the fuel system, cleaning carbon build-up as it comes into contact with it. Cataclean’s cleaning formula cleans everything the fuel comes into contact with, including the fuel injectors, cylinder heads, intake valves and oxygen sensors. Then upon combustion in the combustion chamber, Cataclean creates a vapour that continues through the system to clean carbon from the exhaust and the catalytic converter.”

In 2020, a staggering 1.3 million vehicles failed their MOTs due to high emissions, but Cataclean can help them succeed at a second test. For example, in July to September 2020, 1.9 million vehicles failed an MOT, but over 551,000 passed after remedial work. Cataclean is urging motorists to use the product more regularly to avoid any fear of failure.

Brand ambassador and British Touring Car Championship racing driver Dan Rowbottom uses Cataclean in his motor engineering business and is fully supportive of its benefits.

“Most people use Cataclean as a ‘rescue-me’ product,” he explains. “However, once you have used it and passed that MOT, we find motorists see the benefits, not just in passing the MOT but better fuel economy, better performance and better emissions. We recommend that drivers use a bottle of Cataclean once a quarter to stay well ahead of the emissions tests.”

Cataclean began in 1995 and has an estimated 20 million customers. Not once has it received a single warranty claim against its product, the ultimate endorsement.

“It’s not just the MOT that Cataclean helps with,” says Rowbottom. “Cataclean looks after your car for the long-term.”