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Carlyle Tools launches premium workshop lifting equipment

Date: Tuesday 21 March 2023

Named after one of the founding members of NAPA, Carlyle Tools is the professional automotive tool and equipment line of NAPA. Carlyle Tools has now released a quality range of Lifting Equipment in the UK as part of its ever-growing portfolio.

This premium offering consists of Trolley Jacks, Axle Stands, Bottle Jacks, and a Transmission Jack, along with a custom Carlyle Rubber Pad to ensure vehicles are protected during the lifting process.

Carlyle Trolley Jacks are manufactured with durable chrome plating and fast-lifting dual pumps for an easy and comfortable experience. The sealed power unit prevents leakage while a secure handle yoke stopper prevents the foam-protected handle from overextending.

Carlyle Bottle Jacks use a piston mechanism for easily lifting vehicles with minimal effort required. A welded base provides enhanced stability and leak prevention. When not in use, the carry handle allows for efficient transportation and the compact design allows it to be stored easily.

While great for lifting, trolley and bottle jacks are not designed to hold the weight of a car for an extended time. Carlyle Axle Stands provide that essential support with triangular bases, secure locking pins, and flat top saddles, giving workshop technicians the security to carry out lifting tasks with confidence.

Ideal for undertaking gearbox repairs, the Carlyle Transmission Jack raises the vehicle from the central point of the transmission using a chrome-plated dual piston pump and additional lifting pedal. The removable top saddle is also designed to fit safety chains, and the safety lock can be adjusted to allow easy release.

The complete Carlyle Lifting Equipment range offers a reliable lifting solution designed for professionals by professionals, backed by a 1-year warranty and industry certifications. With various size options available, Carlyle Jacks and Stands can suit a wide range of lifting ranges and weight requirements so every job can be completed with ease.

For more information on Carlyle Tools and their Lifting Equipment, visit the NAPA website to find or become a stockist.