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Bulbs from DT Spare Parts – presented by Parts Specialists

Date: Monday 06 November 2023

To ensure it stays bright at night and safety is not affected, it is vital that all the lighting on the vehicle is working. Not only the driver himself needs to be aware of his surroundings, also other road participants depend on good lighting in order to be able to spot the vehicle.

Whether for headlights, position lights or indicators – DT Spare Parts inspires with a wide product range that includes over 70 bulbs. These are suitable for brands such as Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault, Scania, Volvo and VW. The desired products can be searched for in the universal parts section of the Diesel Technic Partner Portal:

For example, bulbs with an orange coating become worn over time and are no longer emitting a proper and clear light colour. To ensure the safety of the traffic, the bulb must be replaced as soon as possible. With fast delivery and high product quality, DT Spare Parts is the right partner when it comes to light bulbs.

The bulbs are breakable goods, so they need to be well secured for transport. In order to reach their destination safely and not suffer any damage during transport or installation, the bulbs of the DT Spare Parts are “provided with protection for the glass socket”, explains Parts Specialist Rolf. In the PS Tips video, Rolf discusses different types of bulbs and points out various aspects that are important during installation.

When installing halogen bulbs, it is important to remember that they “should not be touched with the fingers on the glass bulb”, explains Rolf. Body oils from the skin and other contamination on the hands will affect the lifetime and illumination. Since the highest quality is the claim of DT Spare Parts, this advice has to be followed at all times.

In the case of xenon bulbs, it should be noted that they look very similar, but still have differences that are not directly recognisable. If there are different operating voltages, they cannot be used together. This is the case with the D1 and D2 xenon bulbs from DT Spare Parts with 85 volts operating voltage and the other versions D3 and D4 with 42 volts operating voltage.

During installation in the spotlight, it is important that the bulb is correctly attached in the socket and that the connector plug engages properly. Otherwise, the full product performance of DT Spare Parts cannot be achieved. When the cover is finally reinstalled, the seal must be checked to confirm that it is fitted tightly. If this is not checked, “the headlight can fill up with water”, the Parts Specialist points out. Before driving for the first time, the headlight setting must also be checked and adjusted if necessary.

If you have any technical questions or need help, the Diesel Technic Parts Specialists are available at their HelpDesk: