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Bangers for Ben 2022 – Buying the right car

Date: Friday 19 August 2022

The boys have enlisted my help in picking the next Bangers for Ben “victim”, and rightly so.

I was invited on a road trip across the Midlands with LawJaw to see a car he had found. It hadn’t been for sale long and the advert stated “good condition, inside and out”.

Now, I like to think the definition of “good” is a general term that everyone understands, but it seems there was some misunderstanding between us and the seller.

How did we find this out you ask? Well, when we looked at the front wing and decided to give it a poke, we soon realised it was held on by decorators caulk and a thin layer of paint.

But we weren’t giving up that easily…

In true Apprentice style, we honed our inner Alan Sugar and surfed the internet for another option and before long, we found a freshly MOT’d, well kept, gleaming example in comparison to the questionably “good” one we had just seen.

Unfortunately, one of the fuel injectors had failed meaning the 100 miles return journey was not possible without damage to the catalytic converter (and my sanity).

The lack of fuel being injected into the cylinder meant the AFR (air to fuel ratio) wouldn’t be correct and the cylinder would be misfiring for the whole journey, eventually resulting in damage to the catalytic converter due to the unburnt mixture of air and fuel being captured inside. The higher levels of oxygen and hydrocarbon would generate enough heat to damage the converter’s ceramic coating.

However, our journey was not a wasted one as the seller was willing to replace the fuel injector for us and after running the car for 40 minutes, it showed no signs of a misfire.

We then raced to Birmingham to collect the car before anyone else had a chance to, and what a smooth journey it was!

Stage 1 – Buying the Car – Completed

If you would like to help us raise money for Ben, you can simply CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

Kimberly Stickley
Paralegal with Lawgistics