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Autowave’s investment into China reaping benefits for the UK automotive aftermarket

Date: Tuesday 26 March 2024

Autowave, a prominent provider specialising in car keys and key programming equipment, has attributed much of its success to its strategic relationship with China and believes investing in a production facility in Shenzhen has brought many advantages to customers in the UK.

This connection didn’t happen overnight, according to Autowave CEO, Ravi Kotecha, but evolved gradually through a series of interactions and sensible business decisions.

Ravi tells the story: “Our affiliation with China began when we recognised the benefits of consolidating shipping and ensuring quality control (QC) for the products sourced from China.

“Visiting China frequently for procurement, we initially aimed to streamline shipping processes and enhance QC standards. However, what started as a search for efficiency soon transformed into a full-fledged business opportunity.”

During one of these visits, Ravi forged a strong relationship with the sales director working for a key programming device manufacturer. That individual, seeking a new challenge, expressed interest in joining Autowave and help it establish its own Chinese production facility. Recognising the advantages of having a dedicated, local presence in China, Autowave seized the opportunity to not only improve QC but also explore possibilities for in-house production.

Ravi continued: “The decision to establish a Chinese production facility was driven by multiple factors. Firstly, it allowed us to exert greater control over the supply chain, from procuring components to assembling products. Secondly, by aligning with Chinese trading practices, we gained access to better pricing and deeper partnerships with manufacturers. Thirdly, having a local presence facilitated smoother communication and collaboration with suppliers, enhancing operational efficiency.”

Not all smooth but challenges overcome

Setting up the Chinese branch wasn’t without challenges, Ravi conceded. It required significant investment in infrastructure, personnel, and operational costs; however, Autowave viewed it as a “strategic move” to ensure long-term competitiveness and sustainability. By investing in QC processes and consolidating its operations in China, Autowave aimed to deliver superior products to its customers.

Ravi continued: “The Chinese production branch became more than just a logistics hub. With a team dedicated to production, QC, and assembly, we leveraged China’s manufacturing expertise to enhance product offerings. By utilising local expertise and resources, we developed new products and adapt to emerging market trends more swiftly.”

Moreover, Autowave’s Chinese facility has helped nurture stronger relationships with manufacturers, transcending the typical buyer-supplier dynamic.

QC importance

One of the critical benefits of Autowave’s Chinese operations is its ability to ensure product quality and compliance. With dedicated QC processes and real-time monitoring, Autowave can identify and rectify any issues early in the production cycle. This meticulous approach not only enhances product reliability but also generates confidence among customers – both in China and the UK.

Ravi said: “Our commitment and presence in China has become a cornerstone of our strategy, allowing us to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry – long may it continue!”

Impact on UK market

Having a Chinese production facility has significantly benefited Autowave’s operations in the UK aftermarket too. By establishing a presence in China, Autowave has gained access to a vast network of manufacturers and suppliers, allowing them to procure components at competitive prices.

This, in turn, enables Autowave to offer high-quality products to its customers at affordable prices.

Ravi added: “The rigorous QC processes implemented in our Chinese operations ensure that the products meet the stringent standards required by the UK aftermarket. This helps to build trust and confidence among customers, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

“Having a dedicated production workspace in China, therefore, has been instrumental in enhancing our capabilities and competitiveness in the UK aftermarket, ultimately benefiting both us and, most importantly, our customers.”

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