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Aspect CPM appoint Simon Mullin as Marketing Director

Date: Thursday 16 July 2020

Aspect CPM, who are a full-service events and merchandise resource agency based in Yorkshire and servicing a diverse client base worldwide, are pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Mullin as their Marketing Director. Simon was previously the Sales and Marketing Director for Andrew Page, starting for the business back in 1988.

Simon will spearhead the Aspect Automotion division which will offer industry manufacturers, distributors, and motor-factors a full promotional service support function. Steve Anderson, Commercial Director said,

"Our aim is to offer an effective ‘cradle to grave’ solution for our customers. We not only wanted to provide quality branded promotional products, but additionally we felt there was a niche area to also help create and design the promotion and fully supporting this with the factor to maximise the promotional impact. Very often we find that promotions do not get to the target audience and money is wasted. By bringing Simon and his experience onboard we know he understands the automotive aftermarket and will effectively help support the factor and the branch, ensuring promotions achieve maximum success.
"Aspect CPM were the major promotions and events provider to Andrew Page and his business starting back in the late 90’s and we worked with Simon to create some of the most impactive and successful garage campaigns and the hugely successful Autoinsider trade events. We want to recreate that success for industry manufacturers and motor factors and inviting Simon to join the business shows how serious we are about the automotive aftermarket."

Simon's unique approach to creating industry programmes and promotions highlights his understanding of what the garages want from their supplier. Designer of the Andrew Page AutoEducation programme, AP Rewards, AP News and The Toolbox equipment magazine, training was just one of the many concepts he introduced to the workshops in his 28 years with the business. In its time this blend of supplying car parts and creating a strong business partnership with the customer made Andrew Page the most successful motor factor in the country.

"I have always believed that to understand the customer better the supply of any car parts starts at the workshop floor and works its way back from the factor to the manufacturer," says Simon, "on this basis that’s exactly how a promotion or concept works."

In more recent times Simon has been working with Tetrosyl to help develop their Build a Bay retail concept as well as the Triple R oil programme for the aftermarket, which included developing and delivering training programmes, and writing editorial for promotional literature.

For more information as to how Aspect Automotion can help your business then contact Simon Mullin at