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Aftermarket emission controls being ignored in battle against air pollution, says Fueltone

Date: Tuesday 14 February 2023

The introduction of clean air zones in Newcastle and Sheffield are important methods to reduce air pollution, but solutions already exist to minimise harmful vehicle emissions, say fuel additive specialist Fueltone Pro.

Highly polluting vehicles are now subject to daily fees to enter Newcastle city centre in response to a Government order to tackle high levels of nitrogen dioxide in certain areas, with Sheffield to follow suit with a similar scheme going live at the end of February.

Aberdeenshire-based fuel additive and engine cleaning agent Fueltone Pro has pointed out chemical technology has already been developed to ensure internal combustion engine powered vehicles can run with reduced emissions.

Robbie Gray, chairman of Fueltone Pro, said:

“UK government and local authorities are rightly introducing new legislation to improve air quality, which is crucial in delivering the longer-term aim of net-zero carbon emissions.
“Clean air zones are proven to deliver small, incremental benefits in air pollution, however, not enough has been done to embrace the solutions that are already available throughout the automotive aftermarket to reduce harmful pollutants, that do not place burdens on motorists’ movements in certain areas of urban environments.”

Diesel-powered vehicles all feature a diesel particulate filter (DPF) as part of the vehicle’s exhaust system, and if partially clogged with particulate, it increases back pressure in the engine, affecting fuel economy and reducing power, and over time can cause serious issues.

Fueltone has two product lines that optimise running of diesel particulate filters. The company’s Fueltone Pro DPF 200 product reduces the load on the DPF itself by vastly reducing filter-blocking particles, and by adding a fuel-tank based catalyst to make it easier for the filter to regenerate.

Fueltone’s range of fuel additive and engine flush products sit alongside DPF solutions, that in independent and field tests yielded up to a 14 percent increase in fuel efficiency and up to an 86 percent reduction in particulate emissions.

Newcastle is the latest in a series of clean air zones to be introduced after successful trials in Birmingham, Bradford and London. A similar zone in Birmingham has delivered an overall reduction of 13 percent in the levels of nitrogen dioxide.

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