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50 years of Diesel Technic: The way to a leading solution provider in the automotive industry

Date: Friday 09 September 2022

This year, Diesel Technic celebrates its 50th anniversary. The company can look back on an exciting time, because at Diesel Technic you won't find any standstill.

It is already half a century since Horst Lieberwirth and Erwin Naujoks founded Diesel Technic. What started as an export trade of standard and DIN parts as automotive parts has developed into one of the largest suppliers of automotive parts and accessories in the international automotive industry.

Diesel Technic writes success story
Today, the company’s core competence is to develop branded spare parts of guaranteed quality for different requirements and to ensure a worldwide supply of spare parts. Distribution partners and their workshop customers appreciate the company’s competence as a reliable partner that keeps their business and their vehicles moving. This is made possible by 650 employees from 30 nations at seven locations worldwide, including Germany, France, Dubai, Spain, Singapore, Great Britain and Italy.

But there have also been a few hurdles to overcome in recent decades. Most recently, Corona made direct customer contact difficult – alternatives had to be found. Diesel Technic created digital communication concepts for this purpose. Furthermore, there was an increased focus on exchange in the social networks. Of course, there have also been political and economic trouble spots in the last five decades. However, the strong international orientation with customers in more than 150 countries is an essential success factor that enabled Diesel Technic to compensate for regional crises worldwide in the last decades and to emerge stronger from them.

Largest investment in the history of Diesel Technic
Between 2017 and 2020, Diesel Technic invested more than 30 million euros to expand the company headquarters in Kirchdorf and the logistics capacities in the branches. Among other things, the investments went into the heart of the company, the Diesel Technic Quality System (DTQS), which dates back to its beginnings in 1980. In addition to expanded testing and state-of-the-art measuring facilities under laboratory conditions, this also offers its own electronics test laboratory to ensure optimal quality conditions.

Another step was the expansion of the logistics centre at the main location in Kirchdorf, Germany. A real highlight is the new, fully automated small parts warehouse. With this, Diesel Technic has continued on the path to efficient and space-saving warehousing and thus to faster product availability. Customers therefore benefit from improved delivery quality as well as flexible storage performance. This enables the company to adapt its inventories to the needs of the market in the best possible way.

Digitalisation and automation as cornerstones for the future
A strong success factor was and is the best possible customer service. Always with its finger on the pulse, Diesel Technic offers solutions to make life as easy as possible for its distribution partners and their end customers and to provide them with the best possible support in their day-to-day business. In this context, the procurement and information platform Partner Portal for distribution partners plays a central role, as do the extensive service offers for end users, such as the Premium Shop and the HelpDesk. In addition, the Parts Specialists regularly publish videos with hints and tips on the assembly and functioning of individual products and product groups in order to simplify everyday workshop work.

In summary, Diesel Technic has built up a comprehensive package for distribution partners and their workshop customers over the past decades, which continues to be constantly optimised and further developed. Together with its partners, Diesel Technic is looking forward to the next decades in a positive and energetic manner.