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10 Reasons why to choose ALCO Filters!

Date: Monday 09 October 2023

Why choose ALCO Filters? Here are 10 Quality Reasons:

✅ Sealing ring made from special rubber compound resistant to hot engine oil and to compression.
✅ Top plate made from heavy gauge steel and carefully designed to ensure endurance to unexpected surges of oil pressure (up to 350 psi, 24 bar).
✅ Canister made from top quality cold reduced steel and produced by the latest state-of-the-art press equipment.
✅ Metal clip to seal the pleats and ensure that no particles pass unfiltered.
✅ PVC adhesive cured to 220°C for strong adhesion on paper and metal surfaces.
✅ Rubber diaphragm with specific properties to prevent oil from draining back whilst the engine is not operating.
✅ Filter media specific for each application. The special ALCO pleat corrugation ensures excellent pleat spacing.
✅ Strong spiral louvered tube with no burrs or sharp edges liable to damage the filter media.
✅ Relief valve assembly set for various pressures according to O.E requirements.
✅ Tin–plated metal end caps (no cardboard) to give the element protection from rust and maximum rigidity.

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