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We are DVSA: Annual Review 2019 to 2020

Date: Wednesday 29 July 2020

Over the last year, DVSA's staff have worked hard to help everyone stay safe on Britain's roads. ‘We are DVSA: Annual Review 2019 to 2020’, demonstrates how DVSA achieved their Business Plan objectives this year, but, along with the rest of the world, were affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It also sets out the significant improvements to services, contributing to their vision of safer drivers, safer vehicles and safer journeys for all.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge, resulting in many changes to our way of life. In March the difficult decision to suspend most of DVSA’s services was taken, in line with public health guidance. The priority over the past three months has been to keep people safe, whilst still providing a critical worker testing service to support the national emergency response.

Coronavirus response

DVSA took the following actions:

• suspended the driving test for most candidates
• set up a system for critical workers to book tests in all categories
• conducted driving tests for NHS and care workers, allocating driving examiners who were medically fit and who had volunteered to support the national response
• prioritised special ambulance vehicle tests to support the NHS response
• granted MOT extensions on all vehicles
• continued to protect you from unsafe vehicles, while maintaining social distancing.

As part of the planning to restart services, DVSA:

• worked with national stakeholder groups on how to safely restart our services. Together, we gathered customer feedback, which has helped us to plan how to return to normal levels of service
• worked with Trade Unions to address staff concerns
• kept customers and staff informed through a detailed communications plan.

Significant achievements
Coronavirus is the biggest and most complex challenge the country has faced in a generation. However, before its onset in March, DVSA was working hard throughout 2019 to 2020 to meet the commitments in its 5-year strategy. Some of the most significant achievements include:

Digitisation of the practical driving test
DVSA modernised the way driving examiners conduct and record a practical driving test, with the development of the Driving Examiner Service (DES) app. The new app provides a quicker and more accurate digital process on the examiner’s iPad.
Rollout of the vehicle testing app for testing at ATFs
DVSA developed and rolled-out a vehicle testing app to allow our vehicle standards assessors (VSAs) to record all bus, lorry and coach tests digitally.
National Automatic number plate recognition Service
Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) uses cameras to capture and record the registration and image of a vehicle.
DVSA won an International Road Safety Award
Ridefree is the award-winning enhanced compulsory basic training course (CBT) for completely new learner riders. We supported Highways England in its development. All motorcycle training schools will have free access to this content.
DVSA learning materials reached a huge audience
In partnership with The Stationery Office, DVSA produces learning materials for drivers and riders at all stages of their learning.