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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

vGroup International launch the Conscious Carpet

Date: Friday 11 March 2022

vGroup International, the UK’s leading supplier of floor protection to the new and used automotive sector, is committed to being at the forefront of new product developments. ‘Conscious Carpet’ is the launch of arguably one of the most important products of our generation.

Manufactured from a unique mono-material, ‘Conscious Carpet’ products can be repatriated and recycled, closing the loop on environmentally sustainable production without any compromise on quality and performance. In fact, the carpets exceed performance of many leading traditional alternatives.

Protective carpet ‘overmats’ are found in the vast majority of new and used vehicles. ‘Conscious Carpet’ with its network of distribution via vGroup’s unrivalled and diverse customer base will facilitate the all-important repatriation (return) process for mats at the end of their life to be returned to be reprocessed and remanufactured. Recycled. As an advocate for meeting net carbon zero targets, vGroup is excited to be in a position to offer vehicle users this tremendous opportunity.

A huge step for the industry and the globe. We look forward to you joining our group on the journey. ‘Conscious Carpet’. The end-to-end 100% recyclable carpet.

To view the presentation, CLICK HERE.