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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

URGENT - help needed from IAAF members for important study on access to in-vehicle data access

Date: Thursday 26 November 2020

FIGIEFA and IAAF have been approached by TRL on behalf of the European Commission to take part in a study on access to in-vehicle data. As TRL are advising the Commission on policy options on this topic, this is an extremely important exercise as part of this process and we urgently need your help.

Early next week, we will be sending out the questionnaire along with some template answers to make it easier for you to complete, as the deadline is Thursday 3rd December. We would ask that you set aside some time (up to 2 hours) to complete this important study next week.

We do appreciate that the time-frame is really short, but would request your support on this important topic as securing direct, on-board access to real time data from vehicles is a key policy objective of FIGIEFA and IAAF, and this survey is a key milestone in that journey.

Many thanks for your support and we will be in touch again next week.