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UK workshops balance positive levels of confidence for the future with a cautious approach to current investment

Date: Thursday 04 February 2021

As the UK completes a month of national lockdown, in a survey undertaken for leading aftermarket lubricants brand Comma, workshops reveal a somewhat contradictory picture in which they reveal both a fairly positive business outlook, balanced with a cautious approach to current business management.

The survey of more than ten thousand UK workshops, found that 53% of respondents were purposefully ‘holding off on workshop investments’ and that 40% had recently deferred participation in an apprenticeship (or other youth training) scheme. At the same time, 50% of respondents reported feeling confident about their business’ chances of surviving the crisis and a further 40% reported a high confidence about their chances to both ‘survive and thrive’ after the crisis. (The survey did not identify whether the deferral of apprenticeship/training programmes was motivated by the workshop’s decision, the training provider’s direction or the participant’s own choice – although 42% of respondents did also report having deferred recruitment.)

The survey also identified that more than half of workshops had suffered an unusually high level of disruption to the supply of parts, notably with respondents citing filtration (19%) and exhaust systems and associated parts (18%) as the most affected parts supply areas.

For further information about this survey and its findings, please contact Moove or the IAAF.