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Uber to be a zero emissions platform globally by 2040

Date: Thursday 10 September 2020

Uber has announced its commitment to become a zero emissions platform globally by 2040, with 100% of trips in zero emissions vehicles, public transport, and bikes and scooters.

Their road to zero has started today with the announcement of Green Future, a global programme valued at $800m to help hundreds of thousands of drivers transition to battery electric vehicles by 2025 in Europe, the US and Canada.

In line with their Clean Air Plan announced last year, they remain committed to making every vehicle on the Uber app in London electric by 2025.

Supporting drivers with electric charging
To support drivers in the switch to electric, Uber is working together with world-leading companies. Their partnership with BP will now give drivers using electric vehicles access to more affordable and reliable charging infrastructure in London.

Drivers on the Uber app will be able to access dedicated charging points at a series of rapid charging hubs that BP is rolling out in the UK. The first EV charging hub will open in Westminster in London later this autumn.

This comes in addition to discounted rates when using BP’s public charging network and on installing smart Homecharge charging points.

Supporting drivers with the transition to EV
Launched with the bold aim of transitioning every driver using the Uber app in London to an electric car by 2025, the Clean Air Plan has already raised more than £100 million to support drivers to make the switch, and has seen 1.5 million trips taken in EVs.