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Tributes paid as Factor Sales’ Ian and Vivienne Penny retire from the automotive aftermarket

Date: Monday 24 June 2024

A familiar name and face to many within the sector, Ian, along with founder and former chairman, Peter Seagrott, spearheaded the leading market measurement data provider for more than a decade.

Ian’s journey with Factor Sales began with cautious optimism, but his belief in its mission and his relentless work ethic soon made him an integral part of the team. His ability to connect with people and his extensive knowledge of the aftermarket made him not just a colleague, but a mentor and friend to many.

He was integral in persuading motor factors and suppliers to partner with Factor Sales. He highlighted the unique and positive benefits of its transactional insights into aftermarket size, revenue, and price trends across a catalogue of thousands of motor parts.

Vivienne, meanwhile, took on the challenging task of coding parts into Factor Sales’ ‘master file’, bringing precision and dedication to a job she quickly mastered despite no prior experience in the field.

The success was underlined, as Pearson Ham Group acquired the company in October 2022.

New roles but remained loyal

Despite the takeover, Ian and Vivienne continued in consultancy and data coding capacities respectively. The pair were confidants and reassuringly supportive, as Pearson Ham Group adapted to, admittedly, a new arena in the automotive aftermarket.

Now, though, Both Ian and Vivienne have decided the time is right to step away and enjoy retirement together.

“End of an era”

Alex Jenner, Factor Sales’ business development manager, paid tribute: “It's truly the end of an era. Ian and Vivienne have been cornerstones of Factor Sales, bringing invaluable industry knowledge and connections that have been fundamental to our growth and success.

“Ian and Peter were the visionaries behind our transition from retail to the automotive sector, and Ian’s expertise and dedication helped us build strong relationships with both factors and suppliers.”

On Ian and Vivienne’s support following the takeover of Factor Sales by Pearson Ham Group, Alex added: “Even after the acquisition by Pearson Ham Group, Ian and Vivienne continued to support us, helping to streamline our processes and ensure a smooth transition. Their contributions have been immeasurable, and we are deeply grateful for their hard work and commitment.

“As they embark on this new chapter of their lives, we wish Ian and Vivienne health and happiness. They’ve left an indelible mark and will continue to inspire us at Factor Sales. We are committed to building on the strong foundation they helped create.”

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