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Transmission oil change made fast and easy: MEYLE introduces its own transmission oil filling device

Date: Tuesday 05 April 2022

The Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE introduces its new transmission oil filling device and a matching adaptor set for oil change on all transmission types. The high-quality and handy device comes with advantages such as a 12.5-litre oil holding tank and the possibility to choose between manual pumping via a pump handle or compressed air connection, facilitating and shortening oil changes on a broad range of vehicles. This professional filling device matches perfectly with the MEYLE-ORIGINAL automatic transmission service kits and is a win for every workshop.

MEYLE engineers always seek to make the daily workshop-life easier and repairs less time-consuming. Because of that, the new MEYLE filling device offers the benefit of a 12,5-litre oil holding tank. With this relatively high oil volume, all types of vehicles are easily dealt with in one go without interrupting the filling process.

Another benefit of the MEYLE transmission oil filling device is the integrated compressed air connection. Occasionally, the liquid is pumped into gearboxes manually, whereas the filling device can be connected to an air compressor nearby which allows an even easier change of oil. A pressure reduction valve and the pressure gauge on top of the device help to keep the pressure during the oil change on the perfect level. This compressed air connection not only means less physical work but also a faster oil change. Since the filling device also offers a conventional device handle, the oil change is also easily done when no air compressor is on site.

Through the adaptor set matching the filling device, it suits all kinds of transmissions such as automatic and manual gearboxes, differential, transfer case or steering systems. Like that, the MEYLE transmission oil filling device is a win for every workshop, especially when combined with the MEYLE-ORIGINAL automatic transmission service kits, as it enables mechanics to conduct oil changes in no time at all. MEYLEs’ automatic transmission service kits cover more than 10,000 vehicle applications of all common transmission manufacturers and contain all components required for oil changes such as filters, seals, screws, drain or inlet screws, magnets and the appropriate volume of ATF.

Find instructions on how to use the MEYLE transmission oil filling device on our YouTube channel MEYLE TV. And you can find a manual for the use of matching MEYLE-ORIGINAL automatic transmission service kits here.