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The Garage Inspector recommends like-for-like battery replacement

Date: Thursday 03 December 2020

VARTA Brand Ambassador Andy Savva explains the importance of replacing a car battery with the same type of technology (or upgrading) and advises never to downgrade technologies. When it comes to vehicles with a start/stop system, it’s essential that an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) or Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) is fitted, as a traditional, conventional flooded battery would not cope with the vastly increased number of engine starts – and not last very long.

With there now being 3 main types of lead acid battery, it can be daunting knowing which technology to fit to a vehicle that requires a new battery. Technicians could consult the vehicle handbook but if ever in doubt, they can check the free-to-access VARTA Partner Portal to find the correct battery for every vehicle 

The VARTA Partner Portal recommends which battery technology to fit, and includes fitting instructions, fitting times and whether the battery needs programming to the Battery Management System (BMS). With nearly all vehicle makes and models included, the tool is the perfect partner for battery replacement.


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