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TerraClean champions cleaner air with innovative decarbonising technology on Clean Air Day 2024

Date: Thursday 20 June 2024

As the UK marks Clean Air Day on 20th June 2024, TerraClean is advocating for the automotive industry to position itself as a pivotal player in the battle to reduce vehicle emissions.

With an increasing recognition of poor air quality as a significant health hazard and Governments taking decisive action, TerraClean is highlighting the role of advanced vehicle maintenance in reducing harmful emissions.​

While the adoption of alternative transport methods remains slow, existing vehicles on the road can be optimised to emit fewer pollutants. TerraClean’s decarbonising technology provides a practical solution to this pressing issue by significantly cutting down the carbon emissions of vehicles.

Anticipating more stringent emissions regulations from the European Union, the UK government is expected to implement similar controls. This move will necessitate that motorists and fleets ensure their vehicles are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Phil Dowd, sales director at Randstad, the distributor of TerraClean, said: “On this Clean Air Day, it is essential to recognise that the automotive aftermarket is not just part of the problem but a vital part of the solution to improving air quality. Our industry offers a range of innovative technologies that can extend the life of older vehicles while significantly reducing their emissions. This helps motorists comply with future regulations and supports the drive for cleaner air.​

“By encouraging regular maintenance and upholding rigorous MOT inspections, we can monitor and manage vehicle emissions effectively. The solutions provided by the aftermarket, such as those from TerraClean, play a crucial role in this effort.”

Clean Air Day serves to increase awareness of the health risks associated with air pollution, with endorsements from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UK Government highlighting it as the largest environmental health risk globally.

TerraClean’s technology helps to support technicians and motorists, removing harmful carbon deposits from vehicles and thereby producing fewer emissions that contribute to air pollution.

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