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Simply Brands’ wiper blades succeed in independent lab tests

Date: Monday 20 May 2024

Leading supplier of auto accessories and private labelling manufacturer, Simply Brands, commissioned an independent test for its recently launched wiper blade range - and passed with flying colours!

The independent testing was conducted in the USA at ARDL, a renowned ISO accredited rubber mixing and testing facility used by leading brands and original equipment (OE) manufacturers. Testing was done under OE-standard (SAE J 903 C) conditions and, as well as testing initial wipe quality, the wipers were put through a 500,000 wipe cycle durability test to ensure their lifespan. Completing the testing for the flat blades was a wind-lift test, which showed a remarkable result of zero wind lift even at speeds of 100mph.

Prior to launch, the wiper blade range was developed and tested in the UK over a nine month period. The range consists of both multi-fit flat blades and traditional conventional blades, which will cover most of the car parc. 

The multi-fit flat blade offering covers 98% of the car parc and consists of 15 SKUs with eight original equipment (OE) fit adaptors that cater the 10 most popular OE arm types. This includes a retro fit hook adaptor to upgrade older vehicles to the latest flat blade technology.

The flat blade technology delivers perfect wiping pressure across the entire blade length thanks to two precision cut steel rails, with a symmetrical spoiler reducing wind lift at high speeds. The rubber wiping element is made of synthetic and natural rubber compound for an optimum blend of performance and durability.

The conventional blade range has 11 SKUs in lengths 280mm – 700mm, and all have a metal vented frame design with a universal pre-attached adaptor to fit all hook wiper arms, as well as legacy side pin and 7mm bayonet wiper arms.

Simply Brands’ Business Development Manager, Sam Robinson, commented: “We tested and developed our wiper blade programme in the UK on our own custom built test rig over a nine month period, so we were more than confident in the performance and durability. But we recognise that for customer confidence it can be important to get an independent opinion, where there’s nowhere to hide! 

“I am delighted with the results from ARDL, which reinforces the commitment we have made to this programme and help explain why the programme has already been so popular with customers in both the Simply brand and the increasing number of private label programmes that we have been awarded.”

Simply Brands products are distributed in the UK and Ireland exclusively through JRP Distribution.