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See how we do it in AS-PL!

Date: Tuesday 27 March 2018

AS-PL sp. z o.o. ( the Poland based Rotating Electrics company, currently on a major growth curve across many regions of the world including the UK &, Ireland, has launched its new corporate video. This allows the viewer the opportunity to see the whole extent of the company business, from the inside out. The content clearly highlights some of the huge differences between AS-PL and many of its aftermarket competitors in &ldquo,what AS deliver in terms of product, quality and after sales service&rdquo,. The video covers both the Gdansk Head Office and Warehouse facility as well as taking the viewer on a tour of their vast Lubichowo factory and production lines. ,

In his role as &lsquo,Director of Sales for the UK &, Ireland&rsquo,, Kevin Sharp adds &ldquo,this new corporate video is just another example of the owners of AS-PL investing in the &lsquo,brand&rsquo, and the &lsquo,brand image&rsquo, going forward. The company has a united passion to grow across many countries and regions of the world and are investing heavily to ensure we achieve our ambitions. The investment into the new corporate video is the latest step in that process. This follows 2017 investment into additional D&,V Test Machines, extension to its Remanufacturing and Test Facility in Lubichowo, automation of the Gdansk Warehouse facility, major IT upgrade, launch of new AS Website and the addition of several new offices&rdquo,. ,

Sharp adds &ldquo,Our sales in the UK &, Ireland have more than doubled in the past 6 months and that growth pattern looks set to continue, if not escalate dramatically. In the video we have tried to encompass what AS-PL are all about and what makes our business and product unique. The 2 clearly go hand in hand&rdquo,.

Following the hugely popular &lsquo,ALTERNATOR Love Story&rsquo,, this newest masterpiece is a combination of promotion of the AS-PL image, presentation of company character and range of operation (currently, including Poland, sale to 66 countries worldwide). , The viewer has ability to take a &ldquo,virtual walk&rdquo, through the company buildings, the offices, warehouse and production facility as well as seeing the precision of the work on each production position, remanufacturing process and product testing. , The assembly and remanufacturing lines, quality control and logistic center &ndash, this is what can be seen also. The video was produced by Mov Studio Creative Agency on the basis of AS-PL scenario. The pictures were shot in the company headquarter in Gdansk and in warehouse and production lines located in Lubichowo. The shots of the buildings have been taken using drones from aerial view. The video can be seen on the website ,and on YouTube.