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Schaeffler’s REPXPERTS back on the road delivering socially distanced face-to-face training

Date: Wednesday 05 August 2020

Back in May, as the Government took the first steps to ease the lockdown and encourage businesses back to work, Schaeffler was the first out of the blocks to put together and deliver a practical series of measures to make that request a reality.

Fast forward to July and following their sterling work developing, packaging and delivering Schaeffler’s ‘BACK > ON TRACK’ workshop essentials packs, the company’s team of REPXPERTs are now back on the road and providing the hands-on training for which they are so renowned.

Technical Manager Alistair Mason and fellow REPXPERT, Lez Crossley, were at Arwyn’s Garage in Caernarfon, whilst industry legend, Bob Carter, visited Martin Brothers in Jarrow. The training delivered at both workshops focused on the latest double clutch transmissions, which is designed to equip workshops to tackle these complex systems with confidence.

“The popularity of the double clutch transmission is growing in popularity with vehicle manufacturers, as it combines the best of both worlds: the comfort and ease of an automatic transmission with the performance and economy of a manual,” explained Alistair. “As a result, they are going to be seen in the independent workshop in growing numbers. They are quite unlike a traditional system, so training is a must before technicians attempt to undertake repair work on them, but it is not rocket science!

“This is obviously where the REPXPERT team steps in to provide hands-on training, such as what we’ve delivered today, while obviously observing the strict social distancing and hygiene protocols we have encouraged through our ‘BACK > ON TRACK’ initiative. This, combined with the wealth of technical support available to members through the Schaeffler REPXPERT website – – gives technicians the tools they need to develop the skills required to work on these systems effectively, and that’s what REPXPERT training is all about.”