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Remember! Change your cabin filter every 6 months!

Date: Thursday 19 November 2020

Why do Cabin Air Filters need to be exchanged?
For your health and system protection, driving comfort and safety.

Corteco cabin air filters remove the irritants that cause sneezing fits, watery eyes, runny noses or breathing issues. Cleaner air provides clearer visibility and improves road safety.

Each Corteco filter comes with detailed installation instructions, including filter location and expected installation time to minimize replacement effort.

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Nearly one in two of all new cars equipped with cabin air filtration are already fitted with Freudenberg micronAir® filter protection.

More room for health with less energy
Freudenberg filters are developed specially for circulating air, need about 15% less energy while maintaining the same high air quality.

Electric motors require up to 75% less space than typical combustion engines. This opens up spaces to integrate entirely new air design concepts. Larger, multi-layer solutions offer the potential for better air in the vehicle cabin while reducing the energy consumption in electric cars.