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Rain Data relaunches its website and launches Codex

Date: Friday 29 April 2022

Rain Data offers the industry's only elastic indexing of vehicle parts as an alternative to the competition.

Rain Data Director Tony Waddle told us that while the company still provides bespoke data conversion services, they now recommend Codex for existing and prospective customers.

Tony adds,

"We've only scratched the surface of what's possible in terms of enabling everyone to map their parts data to any output, whether it is an engine or vehicle.
"Data mapping is no longer just about matching an engine part to a car - every single aftermarket manufacturer today must be able to match relevant vehicle parts with the correct targets with a real-time preview of the data before it is submitted. In the changing technological environment, the internet has provided, it isn't acceptable to have to wait to ensure your data submission is correct. Nowadays, every mobile app provides a real-time view of data and aftermarket data conversion should be no different.
"The world is rapidly becoming more visual, but traditional tools and services are too complicated to use, or too expensive to be accessible. We are addressing a widespread need by providing Codex, which is designed to allow teams to securely submit data to industry-standard catalogues seamlessly, and our growing footprint is proof of our success. We are one step closer to enabling manufacturers to survive and prosper in an increasingly digital world with this development."

This announcement follows the relaunch of Rain Data’s website which supports the Codex launch.