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OSRAM introduces NIGHT BREAKER® 220 bulbs!

Date: Monday 01 July 2024

OSRAM’s NIGHT BREAKER 220 is its brightest halogen bulb for cars, with up to 220% more light on the road and up to 150 metre long beam.

These cutting-edge headlight lamps have up to 20% whiter light compared to the minimum legal standard, providing more light and improved visibility, which can help drivers react to road conditions more quickly. The NIGHT BREAKER 220 is available in H4, H7 and H11 with a new gold cap.

To continue with its dedication to be more environmentally friendly, OSRAM has revealed that the NIGHT BREAKER 220 will come in eco-friendly packaging and has even updated the layout of the box design for a more modern feel.

OSRAM’s Campaign & Communications Professional, Kristin Tränka, said: “We’re thrilled to introduce the NIGHT BREAKER 220 and have already had much positive feedback, so look forward to seeing its success continue.

“Drivers are always wanting upgrades to their vehicles and by increasing the brightness of their headlights, this allows them more visibility on the road without glaring other drivers and keeps them and others safe. This also presents technicians and motor factors a fantastic upselling opportunity: why have 150% or 200% more light when you can have 220%!”

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