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News from the Diesel Technic Parts Specialists: Workshop video on the motor belt drive

Date: Monday 04 July 2022

In the new Parts Specialists workshop video, it is all about the belt drive in the engine. The Parts Specialists Lars and Kevin take a close look at their truck and have practical hints and tips up their sleeves, while also discussing the causes of the various error patterns.

The belt drive is driven by the crankshaft. The task of the belt drive is to transmit the rotary motion of the crankshaft to various auxiliary units such as the air conditioning compressor, the generator, the water pump or the fan. However, the function of the belt drive is no longer given in Lars’ and Kevin’s truck, as one of the two belts is broken.

As a result, the water cooler has already been damaged. To prevent further malfunctions, the duo checks other components in the belt drive. First of all, the belt tensioner must be loosened. An important tip from the Parts Specialists is to note the exact position of the old belt. This facilitates the correct installation of the new model later.

Making the daily work of other workshop colleagues easier is the declared aim of the Parts Specialists. For this reason, Lars and Kevin have prepared a wide variety of error patterns. Among other things, the two show a pulley whose position has shifted. Possible reasons could be dirt, a defective vibration damper of the crankshaft or engine vibrations. In addition, the Parts Specialists present a belt tensioner whose material abrasion indicates that the belt has not run properly, which can cause it to jump off or tear. Further error patterns, including potential malfunctions, can be seen in the video.

In order that Lars and Kevin get the truck running again, the complete belt tensioner set from DT Spare Part is installed after removing the corresponding parts: All spare parts are also available individually in the Partner Portal: Due to grease leakage and play on the bearing, the fan bearing is also replaced. Like all articles, the spare parts used here have also been subjected to a precise quality inspection in the Diesel Technic Quality System (DTQS).

The DT Spare Parts range offers a large selection of first-class spare parts that enable the belt drive to run smoothly. In addition to various belts, oil seals and water pumps, customers can also find air conditioning compressors in the product range. Furthermore, the range offers both electric and temperature-controlled viscous fans, vibration dampers, fan covers as well as intercoolers.

For technical questions, the Parts Specialists HelpDesk is available: