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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

New FIGIEFA working group on telematics

Date: Monday 01 February 2021

Many of the challenges facing the aftermarket today are driven by evolutions in technology. As vehicles become more connected and autonomous, the requirements for (cyber) security become more severe, posing significant threats to our business. At the same time, digitalisation can also bring new opportunities for the independent aftermarket.

With the connected and automated vehicle being on the EU’s agenda, FIGIEFA has been busy explaining to EU decision-makers the need for independent aftermarket operators to have remote access to in-vehicle data and resources in order to be able to offer digital services. In parallel, the EU is itself preparing to transpose United Nations Cybersecurity legislation into EU legislation. This will have a major impact on the manufacturing, validation and installation of replacement parts as requirements for authorisation and authentication will come into play. Against that background, the SERMI scheme (certification regime for independent operators) is at the point of being enshrined into EU legislation. Initially the scope is to provide an authorisation scheme for access to anti-theft information. The scope should be extended in the future to include other aftermarket operations where authorisation is relevant (cybersecurity, repair of Electric Vehicles - EVs etc).

In order to properly defend the interests of its Members, the FIGIEFA Secretariat needs to have a clear understanding of current issues in the market and the challenges facing our members. FIGIEFA also needs to ensure that members are aware of upcoming regulation so as to be able to adequately prepare and is thus proposing to set up a telematics working group.

The telematics working group will assist FIGIEFA in defining positions on technology and technical topics by providing expertise and real world experience/evidence from Members and their member companies/ shareholders. It will also provide a forum for members to raise and discuss issues being experienced in the market, to share knowledge and experience and to discuss how these issues could be addressed.

Topics to be covered would include:

The Working Group will provide assistance for the FIGIEFA Secretariat, Board and General Assembly to make political decisions on these matters, and will contribute to the implementation of these decisions.

The objectives of the group will be:

Working Group activities for 2021-2022:

If you would like to nominate someone from within your company to represent the IAAF, please contact the IAAF Office. The nominated person should have sufficient technical/product understanding, combined with an understanding of the current state of the wider aftermarket. Members can have either a business background or a technical background. In finalising the composition of the working group FIGIEFA will ensure that there is a good balance of technical and business related knowledge. The IAAF can nominate two people to the group. The nominated persons will be representing the IAAF and the interests of UK companies and will be expected to report back to and liaise with the IAAF.

The FIGIEFA Secretariat and Board reserves the right to approve the final nominations based on the group’s expertise and balanced representation. As far as possible, there should be a fair balance between countries and groups of countries, as well as smaller and bigger companies.

Members of the group will be expected to commit to:

The Working Group will meet at least twice a year, and as often as necessary, either physically or through online meetings. Online meetings will be the default option during the current situation with regard to the Coronavirus. All meetings will be conducted in English.