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New Bosch e-learning offer for location-independent, live and economical teaching of workshop know-how

Date: Wednesday 29 July 2020

Using a new, innovative training offer, Bosch now also teaches workshop associates up-to-date know-how by means live online trainings. Practical Bosch webcastings allow several hundred participants located at different places to follow technical trainings live and to ask questions right away using the chat function. The only requirements for a participation are a computer with screen or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet computer) as well as a stable internet connection. This makes Bosch webcasting an economical training alternative complementing Bosch face-to-face trainings.

Workshop employees who signed up for a Bosch webcasting receive a link to log into the virtual training room. Various/different platforms are available to do so. Webcastings can be attended by several members of staff of a workshop simultaneously. Furthermore, the participants are able to choose their individual training environment – such as, for instance, a comfortable, cozy and relaxing place.

Webcastings are carried out by experienced Bosch trainers
As is the case with technical face-to-face trainings, the webcasting online trainings are also performed by experienced Bosch trainers. Besides the cameraman, the team also includes a second trainer who keeps an eye on the chat answering the participants’ questions right away or forwarding them to the webcasting trainer. Each training lasts approximately 45 minutes. To start with, the trainer presents the respective topic for 30 minutes. Afterwards, the participants are given the opportunity to ask questions via chat in order to discuss with the trainer. In the aftermath of the training, the workshop employees will receive a certificate of participation. A video function allows recording the webcasting of certain topics in order to repeat it as often as desired.

Bosch webcasting is used for topics which can be taught digitally without need for the performance of practical tasks right on the vehicle. These can be dealing with Pass Thru interfaces connecting the users with the manufacturer portals in order to perform diagnoses, for instance, or handling the electronic maintenance booklet. Sensor and radar calibration using the Bosch ADAS system, checking and installation of lambda sensors as well as starter and alternator testing are additional topics taught by means of Bosch webcastings.

Positive feedback provided by participants
Bosch webcasting sessions are performed by the respective national Bosch Service Training Centers. Last year, some 5 000 participants have already been trained at more than 80 webcastings in Spain since the new e-learning format was first implemented there. Both the experience gained there and the feedbacks of the workshop participants were very positive. The Bosch organizations in Russia and Brazil have already successfully used the new training format as well. Dates for Bosch webcastings are now also offered to German, Austrian and Swiss workshops. As is the case with other Bosch training, the webcastings can also be booked online at