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NAPA Truck Launches ABS Sensor Rings

Date: Tuesday 07 May 2024

Commercial vehicle aftermarket manufacturer NAPA Truck has released its new range of ABS Sensor

Rings in the United Kingdom to accompany its existing ABS Sensor range.


ABS Sensor Rings — also called ABS Regulator Rings or simply ABS Rings — play a crucial role in the

performance of safety systems such as ABS (Anti-Lock Braking Systems), ESP (Electronic Stability

Programmes), and ASR (Anti-Slip Regulations). These precision-engineered components provide

real-time data to prevent locking, skidding, and vehicle instability.


NAPA Truck ABS Sensor Rings are designed for wheel ends, hubs, and/or bearings that rotate at the

same speed as the wheel. Manufactured for a precise first-time fit and ultimate compatibility, these

passive sensors ensure optimal performance and compliance with manufacturers’ requirements.


NAPA Truck ABS Sensor Rings are precision-made to meet or exceed OE specifications in an

IATF6949 and ISO9001 certified production facility. All components undergo rigorous stress tests,

including (but not limited to) density, hardness, accumulated circumferential, and 120 hours of salt

spray testing. Stringent testing procedures like these guarantee that the component performs at

optimal levels even under the most challenging driving and weather conditions.


With a 1-year warranty and over 30 references available at launch, the high-quality NAPA Truck

range covers 96% of commercial vehicles in the UK market. Originating from the long-standing

heritage and quality reputation of NAPA, NAPA Truck knows the value of keeping fleets moving.

For more information on NAPA Truck and their ABS product catalogue, visit the NAPA website.