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NAPA Launches smart battery charger products

Date: Friday 26 November 2021

Automotive parts distributor NAPA has recently expanded its catalogue of products with the launch of smart battery chargers designed to cater to the evolving electrical demand of modern motorists and electrical components.

Available in 8A and 16A variants, these fully automatic, start-stop compatible chargers use advanced micro-processing technology to detect the energy levels of connected batteries and shift between one of nine charging stages, extending battery lifespan by minimising the risk of overcharging.

The RAC reports ‘In total, battery issues equated to 18% of RAC roadside callouts last year’. Battery maintenance is an increasingly relevant and often overlooked area of auto repair and the NAPA smart chargers are designed to remedy this problem. They streamline the charging and maintenance processes to promote long-term battery health and consistently reliable performance.

In addition to connections for long-term charging, each charger comes equipped with an LCD screen that displays voltage and charging progress to promote ease of use for experienced and inexperienced technicians alike.

To explore the NAPA Smart Chargers range, visit the NAPA EU website or find your nearest NAPA stockist at