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Motul Corazón: Helping future generations realise their potential

Date: Friday 08 July 2022

As a brand that has more than 150 years of history to its name, Motul has been present and has observed dramatic advancements in technology and changes in society. Its values reflect an outlook that encompasses a desire to improve the world around it and Motul is extremely conscious of its social responsibilities and, as a family-owned company, this is something both close and personal to Motul’s stakeholders.

Motul has always sought to push the boundaries of the industry of which is part, but pushing beyond also involves thinking of the future, what it will be made of, who will change it, how will they change it. As a result of this, Motul decided to put something tangible in place for future generations and created Motul Corazón - a foundation that brings opportunities to young teenagers worldwide, enabling them to surpass constraints and realise their potential.

As the name Corazón - which is the Spanish for heart - might suggest, the idea of creating a Motul Foundation was actually born in Latin America. The heart is a globally recognised representation of love and care and, in Motul’s case, with its Corazón charitable foundation, this is specifically directed towards helping youth development.

Launched officially in 2011, Motul Corazón’s mission is to support teenagers - especially from underprivileged backgrounds - wherever they may be in the world and whatever difficulties they may face so that they can face a better future.

Motul thought hard about where the foundation would focus and decided on adolescents because, as adults in the making, they are at a stage of life where they are particularly vulnerable and exposed to what society might throw at them.

Motul Corazón, is a non-profit organisation, which operates under remit of the Fondation de France, and which works with other non-profit organisations looking to help youth projects - and, in particular, those which are based in technical and mechanical arenas, or which support personal training and development.

In the last three years Motul Corazón has helped, or is helping, more than 40 projects around the world, ranging from offering training in mechanical skills in underprivileged areas of Buenos Aires, through opening schools for mechanics in Burkina Faso through to putting students through college in Vietnam.