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Mandate Systems supports the automotive industry with Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) compliance

Date: Monday 13 July 2020

For nearly 30 years’ Mandate Systems have prided themselves on being an independent pressure systems safety specialist. Producing high quality Written Schemes of Examination (WSE), pressure systems examinations and industry training accredited by Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). Constantly striving to support customers, improve standards and safety across the industry, they also make the most of cloud-based technology for compliance.

With nearly 5,000 nationwide site examinations each year, ranging from small to large organisations, safety is always top of the agenda. For Mandate Systems best practice examinations go beyond the minimum regulatory requirements. Traditionally, the focus had been on the pressure vessel, but we include all the system components including pipework as standard, as they all play a vital role in ensuring the system’s safety.

Putting customers at the heart of decisions and planning Amy Kent, Managing Director at Mandate System, said

"Safety and customer service have been the key drivers behind Mandate Systems. Our team strives to make the customer experience positive at all touchpoints. From the start of our customers' journey they have access to our secure online system where they can track their order.
"Our engineers provide thorough and in-depth detailed examination reports, to ensure our customers have as much information as possible. Upon the completion of the visit, documents are promptly uploaded for instant viewing. This process has developed over time and we can now deliver these in as little as a few hours. For our customers who operate multiple sites, access can be supplied to view all with the click of a button, at no additional cost.
"The level of support we provide to customers is shown with feedback and years of repeat custom. It shows they are delighted with the ease of our system and quality of the documentation, including occasions when liaising with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
"As a business investing in infrastructure and technology to improve how we increase safety, efficiency and enhance how we interact with our customers, is a vitally important cornerstone of the business."

For more information on Mandate Systems visit or call 01274 691091.



“ DENSO Marston have been using Mandate Systems for over 20 years. Our pressure examinations & WSE’s are undertaken during our factory shutdown and they have never run over, let us down or cut any corners. They are incredibly experienced in their field.
The portal is excellent at storing all our examination reports and is our go to place when we have any compliance aspects to evidence.
All communication with the team is fantastic, they are well organised and very timely when planning our work.”
Liam Hickinbotham, Facilities Assistant Manager at DENSO Marston