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MAHLE Aftermarket kickstarts Q1 with 141 additional filtration parts

Date: Tuesday 07 May 2024

·       141 parts added to MAHLE Aftermarket’s filtration range in Q1

·       This includes air, fuel, hydraulic, cabin, oil and urea filters

MAHLE Aftermarket has announced the launch of a total of 141 parts to its filtration range in the first quarter of 2024, highlighting its commitment to providing high-quality filtration solutions to meet the evolving needs of the aftermarket industry.

This comprehensive expansion includes 60 air filters, 23 fuel filters, 20 hydraulic filters, 20 oil filters, 15 cabin filters and three urea filters.

With each month's additions building upon the last, MAHLE continues to solidify its position as a leader in aftermarket filtration solutions, offering technicians and vehicle owners an extensive selection of high-quality products to meet their diverse needs.

Several parts from MAHLE's Q1 releases stand out as ‘ones to watch’ due to their compatibility and coverage across a wide range of vehicle models.

Among the notable additions are cabin filters like part number LAK1506, which features carbon activation and fits Toyota Corolla, Yaris, RAV4, Hilux, and Lexus RX models.

For BMW models, part number LX4635 offers an air filter designed to ensure optimal engine performance. Suzuki Swift and Ignis vehicles can benefit from part number OC1570, an oil filter engineered to provide superior filtration and protection.

The cabin filter lineup is further expanded with part number LAK1256/1/S and LA1256/1/S, both carbon-activated, catering to Vauxhall Corsa F, Mokka, Peugeot 2008, and 208 models. Additionally, part number LX3841 offers an air filter for Mercedes-Benz C class W205 Diesel vehicles.

Renault Captur, Clio, and Kangoo models can find reliable fuel filtration solutions with part number KL1133D, featuring an in-line design with riveted housing. MG ZS 1.5l and MG HS 1.5l vehicles can benefit from part numbers LX5964 and LX5965, respectively, offering air filtration tailored to their vehicles.

Meanwhile, Ford Fiesta mk7/ and Puma 1.0l EcoBoost vehicles can ensure optimal engine performance with part number LX5594, an air filter designed for their specific vehicle models.

Volvo XC40 vehicles can find a suitable air filter solution with part number LX4912, while Renault Trafic III/ Master III models can benefit from part number KL1132D, an in-line fuel filter with riveted housing.

Finally, BMW X3, X5, 5, 6, and 7 series vehicles can ensure clean air intake with part number LX4625, an air filter tailored to these models.

As well as its new-to-range references, customers can also benefit from MAHLE‘s traffic light system that helps them to easily identify products that are ‘ones-to-watch’ and ‘important-to-stock.’

The brand regularly updates its range with new part numbers, reflecting its commitment to lead the market with the highest quality OE-quality products from the widest selection available.

MAHLE recently launched TechTool to provide technicians instant access to technical information, covering both passenger cars and trucks. The resource provides users with detailed insights into technical processes around thermal management, active troubleshooting and general information.

The easy-to-use MAHLE TechTool allows technicians to search for information by vehicle category or they can opt to view information on specific components directly. 

TechTool also features useful information on each system and product, and includes interactive, visual diagrams, bringing each component to life. 

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