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MAHLE Aftermarket enhances OX 1075D oil filter insert for easier installation

Date: Thursday 23 May 2024

·       Oil filter insert, OX 1075D, features three new technical advancements

·       Customers can benefit from: new sealing of the rear side, discontinuation of the positioning aids, and new sealing of the front side

MAHLE Aftermarket has made technical enhancements to the OX 1075D oil filter insert, making it even easier to install, including three key optimisations aimed at improving the product's functionality and user-friendliness.

The optimised OX 1075D now features a fleece sealing disc that ensures a perfect seal between the clean and dirty sides of the oil circuit.

The special perforation of the fleece end cap is slightly smaller than the counterpart on the housing cover. As a result, during assembly, the fleece end cap is pressed between the inner tube (filter) and the standpipe (cover), creating a chambered seal.

To reduce the slightly greater effort required to install the filter insert, the fleece should first be coated with fresh engine oil, advises MAHLE.

One of the most striking changes to the design of the filter insert is the elimination of the four positioning aids.

These aids were previously used to ensure that the front sealing ring did not become jammed or damaged when the filter was inserted. However, thanks to the improved sealing of the front side, these positioning aids are no longer needed.

A new plastic alloy allows for plastic-to-plastic sealing, eliminating the need for a rubber sealing ring.

For easy and safe installation, MAHLE advises that the sealing surfaces should still be coated with fresh engine oil to ensure a smooth fit and to prevent damage caused by dry assembly.

The optimised OX 1075D oil filter insert can be installed directly without any conversion work. As with all oil filters, it is recommended that the sealing surfaces be coated with fresh engine oil before installation.

Alan Povey, quality, warranty and technical manager at MAHLE Aftermarket, said: “Our aim is to continuously develop and improve the products in our range. The enhancements to the OX 1075D oil filter insert demonstrate our commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring our customers have the best possible solutions for their needs.”

For more detailed technical information, please refer to the technical bulletin available for download here: MAHLE Technical Bulletin.