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Liqui Moly trebles donation of product to German emergency services

Date: Monday 27 April 2020

1 million euros is certainly not what it used to be. On Maundy Thursday, Liqui Moly made a donation of their products worth 1 million euro to help hospitals, emergency services and fire brigades to always be ready for action. A charitable act which is being taken up to an incredible extent. To date, they already have almost 1500 shipments ready to be sent and have promised to definitely get most of them shipped this week and next.

After just a few days, Ernst Prost, Liqui Moly's General Manager, realised what a gigantic avalanche he had set off. He hadn't fully appreciated that there were so many emergency vehicles and hospitals in Germany. But, he said, it doesn’t matter; we’ll just add another 2 million euro of free goods for those dedicated souls who look after our health and safeguard our lives! Who wants to be stuck on the open road with the ambulance on the way to the hospital just because the engine conks out? So, we’ll rise to the challenge and give away now not 1 but 3 million euro of useful supplies from our production facilities for this worthwhile purpose!