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Launch Tech UK diagnostic devices approved for Fiat licence

Date: Thursday 06 May 2021

Launch Tech UK has been approved by the Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) group for an official security gateway (SGW) licence, for its diagnostic devices to perform diagnostic functions previously blocked by FCA vehicles.

By having the official SGW licence, Launch Tech UK users can widen their services for customers to cover additional FCA vehicles.

From 2018 onwards all FCA vehicles are equipped with a security gateway module. This is to prevent CAN bus hacking and block diagnostic functions by unlicensed third-party diagnostic devices.

The latest Launch Tech UK diagnostic products approved for the licence by the FCA are the X431 Eurotab, X431 EURO TAB II, X431 EURO PRO5 and X431 EURO PRO4. Allowing these devices to diagnose and perform special functions which have previously been locked out by the vehicle’s security gateway module.

The new licence will give Launch Tech UK diagnostic devices access to perform additional functions on Fiat vehicles such as reading ECU version information and diagnostic trouble codes, offer clear diagnostic trouble codes, read live data, actuation tests and service functions.

Other vehicle makes fitted with SGW modules are: Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Lancia, Dodge, Ram, Abarth and Jeep.

Users can purchase the FCA SWA license from Launch Tech UK, the official UK supplier of Launch Tech products.

More information can be found on the Launch Tech UK website.