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K & S McKenzie Summer Newsletter – Out Now!

Date: Wednesday 18 August 2021

The K & S McKenzie newsletter took a break over the past year, but we are pleased to be back with this Summer 2021 issue!

Our newsletter is a place for us to share all our news, supplier stories, offers, events, and general thoughts on developments within the industry.

In this edition we hear from national industrial tools specialist Atlas Copco, as well as from a business closer to home, David Hayton. On pages 6-7 we tell you all about our Tool Centre and developments during its first year of business. We also launch our new product line on page 10 and talk about some fantastic upcoming events on page 11.

We know that any newsletter is only as good as its content, and this is where we need you!

Please contact us to let of know of any articles, or products, you would like to see featured in our next issue, or share feedback on this issue, by emailing .

We hope you enjoy this Summer issue of our newsletter, which you can be downloaded below.