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Introducing wireless charging for Ring’s new worklamps!

Date: Tuesday 02 July 2024

The two lamps that are being changed are the MAGflex Pro Fast Charge LED Inspection Lamp (RIL4200/REIL4200) and the MAGflex Slim Fast Charge LED Inspection Lamp (RIL4300/REIL4300), both of which were able to recharge from flat in just one hour.

However to keep up with the requirements, as well as the trends, in the aftermarket and elsewhere, Ring has introduced a wireless magnetic pad that can charge these two new lamps with the new references RIL7100 for the RIL4200 and RIL7200 for the RIL4300.

Magnetic charger pads are not a new phenomenom, however they are very rare in the automotive industry, but they provide technicians with an easy solution to charge their worklamps, as it’s quicker than pausing to plug the lamp in. With these new products, technicians can simply put the lamp on the magnetic pad and walk away, saving them time and ultimately, the workshop money.

To further upgrade these worklamps, Ring has increased the lumens from 500 to 600, giving professionals even brighter illumination of dark spaces and increasing their ability to see further.

These lamps still keep the features that are so useful to technicians, such as magnets and hooks, which allow for hands-free working, and in the case of the RIL7200 (previously RIL4300), the multi-angled lamp head, allowing the users to point the light in whichever direction that is needed.

The lamps are also rated IK08, making it robust to survive the toughest workshop environments.

To celebrate the launch of these products, Ring is offering a bundle deal to customers for £79.99 for all of the following products:

1 x RIL7100 PRO LED Inspection Lamp

1 x RIL7200 SLIM LED Inspection Lamps

1 x RIL7DUO Charging Pad

1 x RIL7SINGLE Charging Pad