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Interview “safety first” – Glen Callum Associates offers IAAF members complimentary COVID-19 lateral flow kit

Date: Friday 26 March 2021

Automotive aftermarket recruitment specialist Glen Callum Associates (GCA) has teamed up with Uhealthcare, an established supplier of COVID-19 lateral flow devices and kits, to provide IAAF members with a complimentary rapid-test kit for use when interviewing final-stage candidates.

GCA recognises that in some cases, face-to-face interviews are essential, and as clear communication is key, it has committed to offering the kit to all exclusive clients who aren’t eligible for Government-supplied kits.

The kit, which meets the rigorous standards set out by the MHRA, is provided by Uhealthcare and will include a COVID-19 rapid test, providing results within 15 minutes; a clear mask, which is integral for clear communication; hand sanitiser; and a pack of sanitiser wipes.

Both the interviewer and interviewee are then able to easily and responsibly dispose of the kit after use, as it is provided in a clear, sealed bag.

Glen Shepherd, GCA director, said:

“We’re in constant communication with companies and many small-to-medium businesses have voiced concern over the ability to provide a safe interview environment, and have looked to us for support.
“As many companies are not entitled to Government-supplied, complimentary lateral flow tests, we believe this new initiative will give them the reassurance that they can interview candidates in the safest and most responsible way possible. Of course, we are still recommending clients to only meet with candidates when completely necessary.”

Uhealthcare is an expert in lab consumables for forensic labs and healthcare settings, supplying PPE and bespoke Back to Work Packs containing masks, gloves, aprons and hand sanitiser.

GCA has been at the cutting edge of automotive recruitment for the past two decades and has remained active in the pandemic in making successful appointments as businesses shift focus.

The new initiative is one of GCA’s many additional services offered to its clients. The specialist has also expanded its resources digitally with a bespoke branded platform so that employers can now see their candidates come to life via video alongside their CV.

At final interview stage, GCA also offers a free professional psychometric profiling and testing service for up to two final interview stage candidates, an approach employed by nearly all Fortune 500 companies.

All of the new services to clients are at no extra cost and are now a fundamental part of the GCA recruitment process.

To find out more about the COVID-19 lateral flow devices and kits, please contact