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Innovative New Multi-Function Automotive Tester Makes for Rapid Automotive Diagnostics

Date: Tuesday 27 March 2018

Ring has launched a new Multi-Function Automotive Tester that can save technicians time and makes troubleshooting vehicle electrics easier and quicker.

The Ring RMM500 Multi-Function Automotive Tester (SSP £,169.99) has been specifically designed to find electrical automotive faults: unlike standard multi-meters, the unit only has settings relevant for automotive use: the RMM500&rsquo,s innovative current test mode allows the technician to take amp readings directly at the fuse box without removing the fuses. This will significantly cut down on the time taken to identify the source of the problem.

The RMM500 also features a voltage check, with a traffic light result indicator, giving an instant and easy-to-read assessment of the battery charge levels. The multi-function tester assesses circuit voltages, provides early indication of alternator or starter motor issues, quickly finds breaks in cables and faulty connections, can test operation of fuel injectors, check faulty sensors and more. Overall, this single piece of electrical test equipment allows technicians to locate the source of problems within vehicle electronics quickly and easily. The RMM500 Multi-Function Automotive Tester is suitable for 6V, 12V and 24V vehicles, and comes with protective case, for safe and tidy storage.

Paul Shaw, New Product Development Manager at Ring, says, &ldquo,This is the only multi-meter targeted specifically at the automotive market, with innovative features such as the ability to measure current without removing the fuses or cables. The graphical display also makes the tester intuitive and easy to use for automotive technicians. Ring&rsquo,s experience in workshop and garage equipment has allowed us to understand the needs of the mechanic, and develop kit that can help makes their working lives easier.&rdquo,

The RMM500 Multi-Function Automotive Tester is the latest piece of battery analysis hardware from Ring, the automotive garage and workshop specialists. This addition to the range joins the award-winning RBAG700 Battery Analyser and workshop chargers. For more details on this and the rest of Ring&rsquo,s products, visit