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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

IAAF teams up with aftermarket professional Adrian Botham of Servispart Consulting to deliver Aftermarket Growth Study report FOC to IAAF members

Date: Thursday 10 September 2020

IAAF members are being invited to participate in some new research designed to answer three leading questions:

• What do the fastest growing aftermarket companies do differently?
• What is driving their accelerated sales and profitability?
• What can your company do to emulate them?

All members completing the survey will receive a FREE OF CHARGE copy of the results, cost $499 (about £400) that explain the implications of the research findings for Aftermarket parts and service businesses across many sectors, including automotive, aerospace, industrial, defence, marine, appliances, rail, medical, and more.

Members will receive valuable information that could increase their industry knowledge, enhance strategy and planning and provide greater confidence to develop and improve their parts and service business in 2021 and beyond.

The survey typically takes just 17 minutes or less to complete with the FOC detailed report being available in early November.

About Servispart Consulting
Servispart Consulting specialises in growth acceleration and aftermarket excellence for original equipment and parts businesses. It achieves this through provision of original research, strategic advice, business transformation and systems consultancy services for companies in multiple industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, industrial, defence, electronics, and many others.

Over a decade ago, Servispart set out on a mission to provide aftermarket business leaders with the help they most desperately needed, to fight off global competition and generate extraordinary business growth.

In that time, customer behaviour has shifted dramatically but equipment industries and their aftermarkets in particular have struggled to keep pace, causing commoditisation and falling profit margins.

But there is hope. Some companies have shown an incredible ability to grow rapidly in this environment. These high growth companies are growing more than 3x faster than average and with profit margins 17% better than average.

By comparing your company’s parts management practices and aftermarket strategies to those of higher performers in your parts and equipment industry sector (and adjacent others), you can start to model your aftermarket strategy on the fastest growing and most profitable companies in the world. Servispart’s Aftermarket Growth Study shows you how.

The survey is open now and you are invited to participate!

All IAAF members completing the survey will receive a free courtesy copy of the full research report (not just an executive summary) as a special thank you for participating.

To participate in this study, simply complete this survey by CLICKING HERE