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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

IAAF activity update - w/e 30 July 2021

Date: Friday 30 July 2021

This last week has seen the IAAF involved in a variety of activities including:

Farewell to Wendy Williamson
The IAAF has bid farewell to retiring chief executive Wendy Williamson. Joined by her colleagues, friends and members of the board, the IAAF hosted a farewell meal as she leaves the IAAF after 7 years. Thank you to everyone that sent their best wishes and comments.

IAAF continues to challenge isolation rules for aftermarket
The IAAF has again written to Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), respectfully asking that the automotive aftermarket supply chain, of suppliers / manufacturers, distributors and garages, be included in the list of sectors that can apply for exemption from self-isolation, undertaking daily testing instead.

Membership visits
The IAAF has begun visiting members again and we aim to visit as many members as possible in the coming year. We continue to hear about the amazing work undertaken by members and look forward to highlighting this in our expanded website and eBulletins.

News of the UK AFCAR coalition has achieved widespread coverage and we look forward to working together with other associations and commercial organisations to lobby UK government.

Coming soon – exciting news on the IAAF Virtual Conference 2021.