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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

IAAF Activity Report w-e 21 January 2022

Date: Friday 21 January 2022

A summary of some of the activities undertaken by the IAAF Secretariat on behalf of the membership and the wider aftermarket during what has been another extremely busy week.

European Commission plans to extend MVBER
The European Commission is proposing to extend the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations (MVBER) until 2028, following a review process that included feedback from IAAF, as part of its membership of FIGIEFA. The UK version of MVBER expires in May 2023 and so attention now turns to the UK government as IAAF gathers increasing evidence that demonstrates Vehicle Manufacturers (VMs) and their authorised networks are ‘misinterpreting’ current Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations (MV-BER). Read more here: 

IAAF Aftermarket Careers Pathway
Next week, IAAF Chief Executive, Mark Field, will take part in a careers day at a local school, as we look to promote the automotive industry to a wider audience.

Service Provider Webinar
Don’t Miss! Our new IAAF Service Provider Webinar. The first of its kind tackles the skills shortage and all things recuritment with The Automotive Recruitment Alliance (ARA) and will take place on Thursday 27 January at 11am. Sign up here: