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HELLA – making technicians Feel Light!

Date: Friday 30 October 2020

Following the sensational success of its ‘Sexy Products. Sexy Moves’ video, original equipment (OE) manufacturer and system supplier, HELLA, has launched another workshop based video, this one entitled ‘Feel Light’.

“Adopting a similarly humorous style to our original ‘dance’ video, this latest addition emphasises HELLA’s renowned lighting knowledge and expertise,” explains Senior Head of Marketing & Communications, Helen Goldingay.
“Whereas the previous video, which was an internet sensation that immediately went viral at its launch during Automechanika Frankfurt in 2018, was not product specific, the new video purposely focuses on our vehicle specific lighting products, an area in which HELLA is a recognised global leader.
“It’s another feel good video with the theme ‘feel light’ derived from the fact that technicians that fit HELLA replacement lights and light units are able to relax and not stress about the task, as they are OE quality products and easy to install, which will leave them in a good and positive mood, so make them feel light!
“Although a fun video, it plays an important part in our ongoing communication message as it’s the central element in our email marketing campaign aimed at further raising awareness of the HELLA brand among technicians and to increase traffic to our HELLA TECH WORLD website.
“This technical resource is free to access – – and provides aftermarket professionals with a huge amount of valuable information, not just on HELLA products, but also how to install them properly, as well as to help diagnose faults to enable them to correctly identify the underlying cause of many problems.”